(To)day Dream: Find Time to Get Outside

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Psst. Hey you.

Yeah. It’s me.

I’m the desktop photo you daydream about.

You seem busy. Me too. We’re all busy now. You are, I am. Hell, your kids are probably busy.

Guess what? It’s not going away. It’s the new reality.

Ever feel like your whole life is scheduled, just like your job? Been awhile since you made an appointment with nature, hasn’t it?

Well, it’s time. Because this is important too.

Find an empty spot on your calendar and schedule some time to find an empty spot on the map. Doesn’t matter if it’s a half day long, or a month long—if you go far enough in the future, you’ll find a place for it. Let the waters of busy flow right around it.

Don’t put it off, like you do with your dentist appointment or cleaning the gutters. You’re not gonna magically find time somewhere to get to a place like here.

Invite a friend, make a packing list and enjoy the feeling of anticipation, which is far more satisfying than procrastination.

Take a deep breath. Steer down that big bad schedule of yours, and say, #@&% busy!

From the original writing of Brendan Leonard and from the creative minds of Duct Tape Then Beer.

Additional footage provided by VisitTheUSA.com from the film “National Park Adventure” and Talweg Creative

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