Semi-Rad: 10 Questions to Ask “Was It Fun, or ‘Fun’?”

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Ever ask yourself why you’re in the middle of nowhere, away from the comforts of city life? You push physical and mental limits; well here are ten questions to ask yourself if you’re having fun or “fun.”


1. When were you first able to laugh about it?

a. During? = Fun
b. Not until 2-10 days later? = “Fun”

2. Are you still friends when you get back to the parking lot?

a. Yes = Fun
b. No
c. Maybe = “Fun”

3. What was your pain level on a scale of 1-10?

a. 1 to 5 = Fun
b. 6 to 10 = “Fun”
c. 11 = Not Applicable

4. Where is your bicycle now?

a. At home with some dirt, scratches? = Fun
b. In a dumpster? = “Fun”

5. Did you poop?

a. In a leave-no-trace 6-inch cathole? = Fun
b. In your pants, on your gear, or on a friend or other human? = “Fun”

6. Did anyone at any time refer to what you were doing as “mountaineering”?

a. Yes = “Fun”
b. No = Probably Fun

7. Did you bleed, cry, vomit, curse, itch and/ or melt down at any time?

a. Yes = “Fun”
b. No = Fun

8. Did your tent:

a. Stay in one piece? = Fun
b. Collapse in the high winds or under heavy snow or flood? = “Fun”

9. What did you do with your pants when you got home?

a. Washed them? = Fun
b. Burned them? = “Fun”

10. How long were you in the snow cave?

a. 1 to 2 nights? = Fun
b. 3 to 10 nights? = “Fun”

For more information on different types of fun, check out The Fun Scale.

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